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IV Drips

About IV Drips

Embark on a transformative journey with Sienna Med Spa's restorative IV drip experience. Relax and indulge in the knowledge that our IV therapy offers an instant remedy, addressing your body's needs with immediate effectiveness. It restores balance, reinvigorates your body from within and leaves you feeling replenished and rejuvenated.

How do IV drips work?

IV drips are a specialized blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and saline solution meticulously crafted to replenish your body. By entering your bloodstream through a gentle catheter, these drips bypass the need for digestion, allowing for immediate and direct impact and making it one of the most efficient methods to deliver vital nutrients, vitamins, and fluids to your body.

What are the benefits of IV drips?

IV drips offer a multitude of benefits for various purposes. They provide a sustainable energy boost without the subsequent crash often associated with caffeine or sugar consumption. Moreover, IV drips can be instrumental in supporting weight loss efforts by ensuring your body receives essential nutrients. They have also gained popularity as a go-to treatment for hangovers, effectively replenishing vital nutrients and assisting in the elimination of toxins from the body.

How long does the IV treatment take?

The duration of the treatment depends on which type of IV you are getting. On average, a treatment lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.

How long does the effect of IV drips last?

You can experience the effects of IV to last for up to a few days. The duration depends on several factors, such as the type of IV package you choose, your hydration level, and your body’s natural metabolic rate. Together, these elements contribute to the duration of the benefits experienced from the IV drip session.

What type of IV drips do you offer?

We offer the following IVs:

  • Vitamin C
    Vitamin C boosts your immune system by encouraging the production of white bloodcells. It also promotes healthy skin and collagen production.
  • Executive
    This formula is created to make you feel sharp and mentally alert. It helps fight stress caused by a heavy workload, and it’s also a great way to help recover from jetlag.
  • Fountain of youth
    This formula promotes healthier hair, skin, and nails because of its content of glutathione and vitamin C.
  • Natural defense
    This formula attacks sickness head-on with its high dose of vitamin c and other immune-boosting nutrients.

What should I do to prepare for my IV drip session?

Make sure you hydrate before your appointment. This helps enlarge your veins, which makes it easier for your nurse to insert the IV.

It is also important that you eat before your appointment to make sure to keep your blood sugar levels up to avoid feeling lightheaded.

Do IV drips hurt?

It is common for certain patients to briefly experience discomfort during the insertion and removal of an IV. However, apart from these moments, the process of having an IV should not cause any pain.

What are the side effects of IV drips?

Side effects from an IV drip are very minimal and most often non-existent. Occasionally, some patients experience temporary discomfort, bruising, itching, inflammation, or redness at or near the injection site, which typically subsides within a few minutes to a few days. Allergic reactions are very rare.

We have your safety as our top priority at Sienna Med Spa, and all the vitamins we use are FDA-approved and thoroughly tested. All IV drips are administered by our team of highly experienced registered nurses.

How often should I get an IV drip?

How often you should receive an IV treatment depends on your individual needs and health factors. Considerations such as your overall health, wellness goals, underlying medical conditions, and the specific type of IV therapy will influence the optimal interval between sessions. However, we generally recommend getting an IV drip session 1-2 times a month.

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