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VI Peel

About VI Peel

Let this refreshing chemical peel reveal your skin’s true brilliance and bask as you glow like the sun. A high-performance facial treatment, VI Peel breathes new life into your skin for a dazzling, luminous complexion.

What Is VI Peel?

VI Peel is a chemical peel designed to improve the skin’s overall appearance and texture by targeting a wide range of skin issues, including soft lines and wrinkles, age spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation, acne, and acne scarring. VI Peel uses a safe formula of chemicals to remove the outer layer of the skin and reveal the new layer of smooth skin underneath.

How Many VI Peel Treatments Should I Get?

You will see a significant difference after only one treatment. However, depending on your skin issues, you may need multiple sessions. We recommend three to six treatments every two to four weeks for the best results. In addition, we recommend getting VI Peel three to four times a year to maintain the quality of the skin.

Which Skin Tones React Well to VI Peel?

VI Peel is revolutionary in that it is suitable for all skin types. For the first time, African-American, Asian, Latin, and other darker skin types patients have a safe, efficient chemical peel available for them.

Does VI Peel Hurt?

VI Peel is not painful. You may feel a slight sting for the first seconds of the treatment, but that will subside very quickly. The peel is applied to the skin and has a numbing effect, which takes place after the first layer has been applied. Some patients don’t feel anything.

How Long Will My Skin Peel After VI Peel?

The peeling begins around day three and will continue for up to four days thereafter. Most often, the peel is light and can easily be concealed using a moisturizer. Patients who use Retin A in their skincare products may experience a slightly heavier peel.

How Long Does Recovery from VI Peel Take?

Immediately after treatment, you may notice your skin looking slightly red, yellow, or tan. On the first two days, your skin may also feel a little tight. In some cases, pigmentation will darken. All this is normal. Approximately three days after your treatment, the peeling process will begin and continue for up to four days. After a week, you can enjoy your fresh, glowing skin.

What Should I Avoid After My VI Peel Session?

Your nurse will provide you with aftercare instructions after your session. However, as a general rule, you must avoid sun exposure, heat, and sweating. Your skin will be very sensitive to UV rays after the treatment, so you must apply SPF 50 daily for the duration of the peel and the days after.

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