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PRP Hair Restoration

About PRP Hair Restoration

Feel once again the softness of voluminous locks of satiny hair with this restorative treatment. PRP Hair Restoration is a powerful weapon in the fight against hair loss without the need for surgery. Promoting hair growth and increasing the density of your mane, it simply reverses the hair thinning that comes with age.

What Is PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP Hair Restoration is a treatment that uses the blood platelets from your own blood to boost hair growth. The plasma in your blood contains white blood cells which are rich in platelets. These platelets stimulate the hair follicles and thicken the hair shafts. By taking a sample of your blood and spinning it in a specially designed centrifuge, we are able to separate the platelets which are then injected into the areas of your hair follicles.

Is PRP Hair Restoration Safe?

PRP Hair Restoration is one of the safest cosmetic hair growth treatments today. It is minimally invasive and does not require surgery. Furthermore, since we use platelets from your own blood, the risk of allergic reactions is minimal.

When Will I See Results from PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP Hair Restoration requires a series of treatments. Some may see a difference after their first treatment, but most patients need between three to six sessions for full results and then yearly maintenance to keep the results intact.

Does PRP Hair Restoration Hurt?

We use a special, very thin microneedle for the treatment to make sure it isn’t painful. Most patients experience little to no pain. After treatment, your scalp may feel a bit tight, but that will subside within a couple of hours. In the days following the treatment, you may feel a little soreness in the injected areas.

What Should I Avoid After PRP Hair Restoration?

Avoid swimming and vigorous exercise for at least two days after treatment. It is also important to stay away from excessive heat, such as saunas and sunbeds, as well as sun exposure. Wait at least three days before consuming alcohol, caffeine, and smoking cigarettes. You may use hair products six hours after treatment.

How Long Does PRP Hair Restoration Last?

While not permanent, PRP Hair Restoration is a long-lasting treatment. Many patients enjoy the effects for up to 18 months. However, to maintain the results we recommend a touch-up once a year.

Am I a Good Candidate for PRP Hair Restoration?

The best candidates for this treatment are men and women who have started experiencing hair loss recently. Those who have advanced hair loss (not completely bald) can still benefit from PRP Hair Restoration but may require more treatments.

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