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VI Peel Body

About VI Peel Body

Finally, a luxury for your entire body to experience. The first-of-its-kind, this rejuvenating chemical peel is designed specifically for the body. Let VI Peel Body uncover the true radiance of your skin from head to toe.

What Is VI Peel Body?

VI Peel Body is a non-invasive, professional grade body peel for a variety of skin types and tones. It is specifically designed to clear body acne, fade surgical scars, diminish pigmentation, and smooth away stretch marks. Unlike traditional facial chemical peels, which only penetrate to the epidermis, VI Peel Body is capable of penetrating to the dermis while also safely accelerating the cell turn over process.

How Many VI Peel Body Treatments Should I Get?

It is important not to be overly aggressive when peeling the body. Instead, focus on a gradual peeling approach. Typically, individuals require 5-10 treatments (varies for each person) for optimal outcomes on acne and hyperpigmentation. To assure your satisfaction, we focus on creating a plan that safely and effectively meets your expectations.

Which Skin Tones React Well to VI Peel?

VI Peel is revolutionary in that it is suitable for all skin types. For the first time, African-American, Asian, Latin, and other darker skin types patients have a safe, efficient chemical peel available for them.

Which Skin Tones React Well to VI Peel Body?

VI Peel body is safe for all skin types, tones, and textures.

How Long Will My Skin Peel After VI Peel?

The peeling begins around day three and will continue for up to four days thereafter. Most often, the peel is light and can easily be concealed using a moisturizer. Patients who use Retin A in their skincare products may experience a slightly heavier peel.

Does VI Peel Body Hurt?

This treatment is noninvasive and pain free. It is normal to feel mild stinging, dryness, or mild itching after your treatment.

How Do I Prepare for VI Peel Body?

Two weeks prior to your VI Peel Body treatment, avoid any other professional treatment that creates exfoliation to the skin. Suspend use of exfoliating products like scrubs, AHAs, and Retinoic Serum 24-48 hours prior to your visit. Seven days before your visit, you should avoid waxing, however, shaving can be done up to 24 hours prior to your visit. You should also avoid tanning beds and self-tanner seven days prior to your visit.

What Type of Aftercare Is Needed Once I Have Completed a VI Peel Body Treatment?

You will be given a complete, step-by-step aftercare kit which explains how best to care for your treated skin and contains key products to use at home, including Retinoic Serum and Post-Treatment Repair Cream. Immediately after your VI Peel Treatment, you should avoid washing or applying any topical products to the treated area for 4 hours. Sunscreen may be applied after the 4-hour post-treatment step, which requires that you cleanse the treated skin using a gentle cleanser, then rinse with cool water only, avoiding hot water for at least 7 to 10 days.

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